4 Spiritual Movies to Watch

1. Change (available to watch online here)


I had the pleasure to attend the ‘Change’ film screening with Korean spiritual leader, Ilchi Lee, in person here in Seattle. What I love about this film is how it combines the messages of a lot of other New Age type films and then takes them further and makes them relevant and understandable today. This film is very new out there; Ilchi Lee’s tour is still in progress. Do you want change? If so, this is the movie to watch. His key message is that we all have infinite possibility within ourselves to change through the power of understanding we are all made of what he called Life Particles at the smallest level. Key topics addressed include Quantum Physics and what we are all made of (i.e. Life Particles), the observer consciousness, the Law of Attraction, and what he calls the Zero Point.

2.Kumare – (available through Netflix)


In my opinion, the spiritual community will at least be able to relate to this film and get a good laugh. The film is essentially about an Indian man who becomes a guru as an experiment to teach others a lesson about blind faith. Personally, I found this film entertaining and felt he himself gained something from the whole charade.

3. DMT- the Spirit Molecule (available through Amazon Prime)


This film blew my mind in some ways. As a study of the boundaries between consciousness and science using psycholdelic drugs, it was amazing how many similarities there were to theories of Quantum Physics. I appreciated hearing some of the personal accounts of what people felt in the altered states and the imagery was really powerful.

4. The Peaceful Warrior (available through Hulu Plus)


I appreciated this film because it took a guy (a jock training for the Olympics, in fact) who was the opposite of spiritually aware and woke him up! It’s based on the true story of Dan Millman who is now a self-help writer and speaker, formerly a gymnast and coach. I like that it addressed topics such as the amazing things that are possible when you are in a heightened state of awareness – i.e. how we can defy our assumptions about what is physically possible, and how it touched on the healing power of touch through the character, Joy. Kind of reminded me of the Karate Kid through the whole mentor/student relationship. Either way, I thought it was spiritually inspiring and it succeeds in giving the whole New Age thing a little more coolness factor.

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